July’s Mission: Chester Eastside Ministries

Chester Eastside, Inc. (CEI) is a welcoming and inclusive community that enables individuals of all ages to achieve their goals and aspirations, and that promotes a just and peaceful coexistence in Chester through advocacy and programs for education, social services, and justice.

Chester Eastside is:
• a non-profit social service organization

• a transformational agent in the community

CEI provides:
• food and hospitality
• after-school and education programs
• social justice and cultural arts programs
• various other programs, activities and services

What is the organization aiming to accomplish?

Sustain and build upon current core programs and services:
o Food / Hunger Program
o Clothing Closet
o After School Program
o Summer Camp and Peace Camp
o Parents First
o High School GED Program

Continue to provide an environment that enables supportive programs and services:
o Working for quality education for all
o Prison Ministry
o Chester Eastside Clubs
o Providing a community space
o Advocacy for social justice

We at Collenbrook have been closely associated with Chester Eastside for many years and have done many fund raising projects for them.  Marie Dolton has served as Treasurer. Others have spent time there assisting with work on the physical facility.  The food we collect in the food donation bin goes to Chester Eastside.

We have chosen Chester Eastside as our Mission of the Month for July to continue our giving so they can continue their ministry:

Meeting basic human needs……helping people of all ages be all they can be……working for a more just society.


 Click here to make a donation!

**Please note, our original envelope method for donations is still acceptable. Online donations is a new method we implemnted to make it easier for those who cannot make it to our services.**

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