Collenbrook welcomes children of all ages. Their Sunday morning experience starts at 10:30 AM when worship begins. Children are welcome to sit with their parents, their friends, or our child care worker in the sanctuary. A children’s table with coloring materials and storybooks is also available for their use.

We feel it is important for our young people to experience at least part of the Sunday worship time when we all come together to focus on God. After we all offer one another the sign of Peace and join in the Invocation, the pastor calls the children to the front so they can have their own children’s sermon time. The topic usually stems from what someone has put into the pastor’s Sharing Basket. Each week someone in the congregation is chosen to take the Pastor’s basket home and place an item in it that has special meaning to them. The Pastor then uses that as a focus for the next week’s lesson.

From this interaction the children see that everyone is valued in the congregation from the youngest to the oldest, and who can resist surprising everyone each week! When the children leave church for Sunday School they are accompanied by our child care worker and their teacher for that week. Different members rotate through as teachers so that the children can experience more people in the congregation.

The curriculum that is used is a blend of both UCC and Presbyterian ideals. It is delivered through readings, games, activities, and art. Children’s Bibles are used to make the ancient stories come alive. The structure of the classes is flexible to best serve the ages and experiences of our students.

Children also have the opportunity to be a part of worship by being an acolyte and playing the chimes for special services. We also encourage the children to lend a hand with missions such as our free Community Dinners and food pantry collections.

A child’s best teachers are those closest to them, and Collenbrook embraces the opportunity to help our children grow closer to God and to be of service to those in need.


Day Care for Infants:                 Sundays during Worship 10:30

Children Sunday School:          Sundays during Worship 10:45

Adult Bible Studies:                    As Scheduled