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August 23, 2017

Too Much of What We Want

Kenneth L. Samuel

Upon their exodus out of Egyptian slavery, God instructed the Hebrews to abandon the worship of idols their parents engaged in while they were in bondage, and to direct their devotions toward the one God who had heard their pleas and secured their liberation.

August 22, 2017

“I’ve never driven a golf cart and I hate Kid Rock.”

Matt Fitzgerald

I don’t travel much, but I’ve been to Canada. Here’s what I heard: “Oh. You’re an American.

August 21, 2017

Did we come all this way to meet no one but ourselves?

Lillian Daniel

Tamar Elad-Appelbaum was raised in an orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem.

August 20, 2017

It’s What’s Inside

Tony Robinson

One August day, when I was a young pastor, a group of people showed up at the church office demanding to know if I had been “born again.”

August 19, 2017

The Great Laboratory of Love

Richard L. Floyd

A pastor friend of mine is known to have told his congregation, “If there isn’t somebody here who rubs you the wrong way you need to come around more often.”

August 18, 2017

A Funeral for a Frog

Martin B. Copenhaver

“Shady is dead,” my wife Karen said to me, with more concern than grief in her voice.

August 17, 2017

Worth a Second Look

John A. Nelson

Idolatry is bad: soul-killingly bad.

August 16, 2017

God is still sleeping

Kaji Douša

The idea of Jesus sleeping seems…bizarre.

August 15, 2017

Follow Me

Traci Blackmon

Whenever I read the gospel accounts of how Jesus organized The Discipleship Movement I am reminded of how important it is to understand the roles of both leader and ally.

August 14, 2017

No Condemnation

Matt Laney

A woman’s son committed suicide following decades of hard living that caused deep pain to himself and others.

August 13, 2017

Take Care

Vince Amlin

There are so many ways to get care wrong.

August 12, 2017

Nerds for Jesus

Molly Baskette

The YA fiction writer John Green redeemed nerdiness for us all.

August 11, 2017


Jennifer Brownell

Sounds to me like you were Godsplained, Apollos.

August 10, 2017


Quinn G. Caldwell

Should you one day make it to Jerusalem, you will no doubt also make your way to what many consider the holiest site in the world: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

August 9, 2017

Anybody Need a Pie?

John Edgerton

It’s pick-your-own blueberry season in New England.

August 8, 2017

Finding God in All the Wrong Places

Martin B. Copenhaver

On a number of occasions I have hiked in the interior reaches of the Grand Canyon.

August 7, 2017

Wisdom, Like

Mary Luti

There’s wisdom that comes with growing old.

August 6, 2017

Why is Eating so Enjoyable?

Matt Fitzgerald

When I was a child my mother made us name one thing we were grateful for each night before dinner.

August 5, 2017

“Like Amen to That”

Tony Robinson

Ask, seek, knock — each one ups the intensity level. 

August 4, 2017

Staying on the Trail

Richard L. Floyd

I have belonged to a hiking group for nearly 20 years.

August 3, 2017

God’s Hands

Talitha Arnold

God has no hands but ours.

August 2, 2017

Killers Like Me

Kaji Douša

With a deep sigh, I watched as he walked away, having left a beautiful urn of what was described as a hearty bush–“You really can’t kill it, trust me”–and some resilient flowers in the perfect spot.

August 1, 2017


Emily C. Heath

If you’re like me, Scripture passages about war and armor are difficult. 

July 31, 2017

Pets in Heaven

Dwight Lee Wolter

Many children learn to love through their first pet, and losing a pet is often their first experience with death and grief.

July 30, 2017

Lessons from a Lonely Lobster

Lillian Daniel

It stinks to be single in a couple’s universe.

July 29, 2017

Don’t Hide

Matt Laney

Have you ever knocked on someone’s door and hoped they wouldn’t answer?

July 28, 2017

Manuscript Preacher

Vince Amlin

“I hate the Prayers of the People,” I confessed to my co-pastor. 

July 27, 2017

Courage in the Storm

Vicki Kemper

The apostle Paul was speaking to other seasick souls on board a pitching ship.

July 26, 2017

Fearfully and Wonderfully

Emily C. Heath

I’m always amazed by the permission culture gives us to comment on other people’s bodies.

July 25, 2017

Just Deserts

Quinn G. Calwell

Every time I read the story of Jacob and Esau, I’m struck again by how much Jacob. totally. sucks.  Like, a lot.

July 24, 2017

Stepping Away

Mary Luti

It’s an age-old question: “Why don’t you come when I need you?”

July 23, 2017

Pray for those Who Persecute You

Tyler Connoley

Jesus told me to love my enemies, but Buddhism taught me how. 

July 22, 2017

The Killer Said “Grace”

Matt Fitzgerald

The killer brutally murdered a teenaged girl. Twenty-one years later he was still awaiting execution.

July 21, 2017

One Landmine at a Time

Donna Schaper

Most people can’t stand criticism, much less persecution.

July 20, 2017

You Feed the People

Tony Robinson

“We can’t do this . . . we don’t have the money.” 

July 19, 2017

Lots of Follows but Few Friends

Richard L. Floyd

The affection and intimacy Jesus had for his disciples offers a model of friendship that is in contrast to much of what passes for friendship in our time.

July 18, 2017

Don’t Wait

Martin B. Copenhaver

In the last decade or so of my father’s life he developed an interest in wine. 

July 17, 2017

The Dance of Faith

John A. Nelson

In a preaching conference, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Long told about the time he was approached by a parishioner with an interest in contemporary church music: “Could we start a praise band?” Dr. Long replied, “Sure, as long as we start a lament band, too.”

July 16, 2017

Just Love

Kaji Douša

I do whatever I can to avoid talking about sex in church.

July 15, 2017

Mansions of Mysterious Metaphors

Lillian Daniel

The 1843 children’s board game The Mansion of Happiness used a sixty-seven space spiral track to teach children the various Christian virtues and vices.

July 14, 2017


Matt Laney

This “savior” stuff doesn’t come naturally to our contemporary, self-reliant, “can-do” culture. 

July 13, 2017

Holy (Waste)land

Vince Amlin

Brownsville, Texas is home to one of the most famous birdwatching spots in the country. 

July 12, 2017

Procrastinators Unite…Tomorrow

Marchaé Grair

Leaning in to God’s plan for me isn’t always easy because I am a control freak.

July 11, 2017

Welcome Home

John Nelson

In early 1993 a large group of Guatemalans, after nearly ten years of exile, had negotiated a return to their homeland.

July 10, 2017


Quinn G. Caldwell

I used to scoff, pretty hardcore, at certain ways of reading the Song of Songs.

July 9, 2017

Damned if He Does…

Mary Luti

We may not admit it, or even know it, but most of us harbor fixed notions about what a real Christian is like, or a perfect parent, or an ideal pastor, or a good citizen.

July 8, 2017

He’s Got Our Back

What’s your favorite verse or story in the Bible?

July 7, 2017

Parents Who Try Too Hard Risk Obscuring God

Matt Fitzgerald

Being parented is difficult.

July 6, 2017

This Is Real

Vicki Kemper

If you’ve spent any time in museums or wandered wide-eyed through an ancient city, you know how it goes.

July 5, 2017

Never Give Up

Tony Robinson

The old coach had been invited to give the high school commencement speech.

July 4, 2017

Our Four Freedoms Report Card

Richard L. Floyd

On January 6, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave his State of the Union address, which became known as the “Four Freedoms Speech.”

July 3, 2017

I Love Your Law

Talitha Arnold

On this Eve of Independence Day and its celebration of freedom, today’s Psalm instead praises a restriction on freedom,  i.e. God’s law.

July 2, 2017

Cup of Water Crisis

Kaji Douša

Things were different, she noticed. “His bones hurt,” her son told her.

July 1, 2017

The Most Stressful Part of Sundays

Emily C. Heath

I would rather write five sermons than lead the children’s lesson at church.

June 30, 2017

Everything I Need

John A. Nelson

A woman I knew, a Quaker, would occasionally use the second person in its archaic form.

June 29, 2017

You Too

Matt Laney

I was not a model student in my younger years.

June 28, 2017

Something of Value

Vince Amlin

My co-pastor is fond of saying, “No one has to be convinced to go see stand-up comedy. No one’s there because they think it will be good for their kids.They go because it’s funny.”

June 27, 2017

I Have a Frisbee

Vicki Kemper

There’s undivided, and then there’s complete.

June 26, 2017

Multitude of Sins

Vicki Kemper

How the subject came up I don’t recall.

June 25, 2017

Not Peace

Quinn G. Caldwell

Most of us long for peace.

June 24, 2017

Knowing What You Know

Mary Luti

A blind seminary student announced in class that if Jesus offered her sight, she’d refuse.

June 23, 2017

Remembering Grace

Emily C. Heath

Perhaps this is wrong, but I have a hard time trusting church people who never admit imperfection.

June 22, 2017

Until the Tenderness is Real

Matt Fitzgerald

When you pray, how do you begin?

June 21, 2017

Cat Brains

Ron Buford

Ever notice the way cats can seem to treat their owners as if their owners exist to solely fulfill their cat desires?

June 20, 2017

This Retirement Stuff Is Hard

Tony Robinson

“We’ve got to talk, this retirement stuff is HARD”

June 19, 2017

Out of Bounds

Richard L. Floyd

The people of God have always wrestled with the question of where God’s Spirit is at work.

June 18, 2017

Introverts and Extroverts

Martin B. Copenhaver

I am convinced Jesus was an introvert.

June 17, 2017

Small Letter, Big Spirit

John A. Nelson

Scripture sets so many traps.

June 16, 2017

Expecting an Answer

Kaji Dousa

Are you prepared to trust in God’s response?

June 15, 2017:

When “Sorry” Seems to be the Easiest Word

Lillian Daniel

After a terrorist atrocity, I hate seeing Muslims at a news conference being forced to apologize for something they didn’t do.

June 14, 2017:


Matt Laney

The good news is, stones and stoners don’t have the last word.

June 13, 2017:

Many Gifts, One Spirit

Vince Amlin

Singular Spirit of infinite gifts, be manifest in me for the common good

June 12, 2017:


Molly Baskette

We have a shame problem in America.

June 11, 2017


Jennifer Brownell

You are created in God’s image. That means showing up, speaking up, living out the purpose for which you were created, whatever that may be.

June 10, 2017

Art, Unseen

Quinn G. Caldwell

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that one of the great things about art is that it is not, strictly speaking, needed.

June 09, 2017

Choosing Justice

Marchaé Grair

The gospel makes it clear that this Christian journey requires decisions about our allegiances.

June 8, 2017

Atheists Could Be On To Something

Matt Fitzgerald

Atheists are wrong, but they could be on to something. Maybe God is gone. Absent.

June 7, 2017

Still Not Dead Again Today

Martin B. Copenhaver

Change is not a sign of death.  It is a sign of life.  Only the living change.

June 6, 2017

Fresh Towels

Donna Schaper

Do you have a story about “treasure in earthen vessels”?

June 5, 2017

The Joy of Dependence

Tony Robinson

“Dependence” is frowned upon in our society, while “independence” is seen as a good thing.

June 4, 2017

The Giver of Life

Richard L. Floyd

If the presence and power of the Holy Spirit at that first Pentecost marks the beginning of the church, the Spirit’s work was not finished on that day.

June 3, 2017

The Eve of Pentecost

Talitha Arnold

The first Christians had to trust God with no clue as to what God had in store for them. How did they do it?

June 2, 2017

The Value of the Dark

Kaji Douša

The “darkness” that “isn’t dark to you, O God,” according to my favorite Psalm, 139, is a tough term to unpack.

June 1, 2017

Learning New Languages

Emily C. Heath

Every year on Pentecost Sunday I get the feeling that the church misses the point.